Project title: EUthMappers – open and collaborative mapping for pupils-led projects in Secondary Schools through innovative teaching methodology and fostering STEAM education and Environmental engagement

Project Acronym: EUthMappers

Project coordinator: Euronike

Funding: Erasmus +

Duration of the project: September 2020 – June 2023

Relevance and Priorities:

The EUthMappers project aligns with critical priorities such as promoting STEM education, fostering a STEAM approach, addressing digital transformation, and emphasizing environmental and climate change awareness. Recognizing the urgent need to reduce underachievement in reading, math, and science among 15-year-olds, EUthMappers aims to enhance pupils’ interest in STEM subjects, digital skills, and environmental civic engagement.

Project Approach:

EUthMappers leverages open-source geospatial tools for collaborative mapping projects, particularly using the OpenStreetMap platform. This approach equips secondary school pupils with valuable skills, including data analysis, critical thinking, and spatial contextualization. Mapping activities serve as a powerful entry point to geo-referenced data analysis, fostering data literacy and addressing critical skills shortages.

From an educational standpoint, mapping emerges as a multifaceted tool, offering technical and practical experience in the geospatial industry. The project aims to break down entry barriers by providing updated training opportunities for teachers, fostering innovative STEM teaching methodologies, and enhancing pupils’ interest in STEM disciplines.

The overarching goal of EUthMappers is to enhance teachers’ and pupils’ STEM knowledge through hands-on projects, focusing on data processing and stimulating civic and environmental engagement. Specific objectives include increasing pupils’ environmental awareness, enhancing digital skills, improving team-building and leadership skills, and integrating open geospatial tools into the curriculum.

The project envisions concrete outcomes such as the development of collaborative mapping projects, improved skills among pupils and teachers, the adoption of a Training Package in schools, and the creation of an EU community of Secondary Schools mappers. The ultimate impact extends beyond the project’s duration, contributing to the development of an informed, skilled, and engaged generation equipped to address societal challenges.

EUthMappers addresses critical educational priorities, emphasizing STEM education, digital transformation, and environmental awareness. Through innovative mapping projects, the project seeks to empower pupils and teachers, fostering a community committed to geospatial mapping and active citizenship.

Main outputs
Training Package Development and Implementation
Pupils – led Local mapping projects
Collaborative Humanitarian Mapping Project

URBAN2020’s Role in EUthMappers Project

URBAN2020 assumes a central role as it coordinates communication and dissemination efforts, leveraging its profound expertise in managing EU educational projects to amplify the visibility of the EUthMappers initiative. A crucial aspect of this responsibility involves crafting a comprehensive dissemination and communication plan, meticulously designed to ensure the project’s widespread impact.

In collaboration with Romanian school I.C Bratianu National College, URBAN2020 plays an active role in preparing educational institutions. Bringing forth substantial expertise in educational projects and GIS, URBAN2020 provides invaluable support to Romanian schools, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet the project’s objectives.

URBAN2020’s support extends to secondary schools, where it offers technical assistance vital for the development of the project. This commitment is further manifested through active collaboration with key partners such as AMADORA INOVATION and EURONIKE, cultivating a resilient network crucial for the seamless implementation of the project.

Reflecting its unwavering commitment, URBAN2020 places a significant emphasis on effective communication strategies. The organization not only coordinates data collection from schools but also underscores the importance of fostering robust communication channels. Through these efforts, URBAN2020 actively contributes to the project’s success and the broader goal of creating meaningful educational impact.

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