GIS4Schools: Climate Change Awareness for New Generations through Innovative Tools

The webinar “GIS4Schools: Climate Change Awareness for New Generations through Innovative Tools” will take place on October 14th from 11 to 13:30 pm EET, as part of the suite of Local Multiplier Events. The webinar is organized by Colegiul Național „Ion Neculce” in collaboration with Urban2020 Association.

  • The aim of the event is to present a general overview of the project, the progress done until now and how the secondary schools and pupils will be involved in the following steps;
  • It will provide the opportunity to discuss about the local context of Climate Change with experts, more precisely the impact of air pollution in Bucharest;
  • The online conference will introduce the general audience the project GIS4Schools and its innovative approach to STEAM subjects and, in particular, GIS technology and Earth Observation;

Among the experts that will take part in the webinar are: Bucharest Enivronmental Protection Agency, the National Meteorology Administration, prof. Mihai Răzvan Niță (Centre for Environmental Research and Impact Studies).


  • 11.00 Welcoming from the principal (Cătălina Olaru Colegiul Național Ion Neculce)
  • 11.05 Greetings from project’s leader (Elisa Filippi Euronike)
  • 11.10 Presentation of the project’s objectives and consortium (Nicoleta Silvia Ioana Colegiul Național Ion Neculce)
  • 11.25 Presentation of the activities accomplished and the ones still to be developed by the schools (Marco Gianinetto Politecnico di Milano)
  • 11.35 Presentation of the activities achieved so far, focus on the topics chosen by CNIN (Andreea Ionescu Colegiul Național Ion Neculce)
  • 12.05 20 minutes break
  • 12.25 Monitoring and managing air quality in Bucharest (Gabriel Ciuiu Șef Serviciu monitorizare și laboratoare din cadrul APMB)
  • 12.40 Use of satellite images and products in the analysis of air pollution (Claudiu Angearu Administrația Națională de Meteorologie; Denis Mihăilescu Administrația Națională de Meteorologie)
  • 13.05 Geographical perspective on the usefulness of GIS in environmental studies (Prof. Mihai Răzvan Niță Researcher CCMESI)
  • 13.20 Conclusions and final greetings (Nicoleta Silvia Ioana Colegiul Național Ion Neculce)

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