Project title: Building RIGHTs-based and Innovative Governance for EU mobile women

Project Acronym: BRIGHT

Project coordinator: ActionAid International Italia Onlus

Funding: Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020

Duration of the project: November 2019 – October 2021

The ​BRIGHT – Building RIGHTs-based and Innovative Governance for EU mobile women project
promotes innovative governance partnerships for social inclusion and exercise of the EU rights for
underrepresented mobile citizens. BRIGHT supports the access to gender responsive public services, (e.g., social housing, public transport to the workplace, community solutions for childcare), for Romanian and Bulgarian women employed in low standard labour sectors in Southern Italy.

The core methodology is the ​adoption of the Public-Public Partnership Agreements as the result of a collaborative process among local institutions, EU citizens, employers, trade unions and CSOs to identify common needs and co-design services. The pilot foresees the adoption of Public-Public Partnership Agreements in 4 hosting communities addressing mobile women employed in agriculture. This will increase their awareness and participation in local civic activities throughout the co-design of communities-based services. The BRIGHT model fosters the adoption of participatory governance systems in other 5 EU local authorities to enable the participation of EU mobile citizens in decision making processes.

The BRIGHT project is carried out by an international consortium of project’s partners:

  • ActionAID INTERNATIONAL ITALIA ONLUS (Italy) – Lead Partner;
  • LABSUS – Laboratorio per la sussidiarietà (Italy);
  • Fundația Centrul Parteneriat Pentru Egalitate (Romania);
  • Centre for Sustainable Community Development (Bulgaria);
  • ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy (Belgium).

The project expected outcomes involve the following:

  • To improve the social inclusion and democratic participation ​of 800 Romanian and Bulgarian migrant women​ employed in agriculture in Southern Italy
  • To strengthen the awareness on EU citizenship rights of ​400 Romanian and Bulgarian potential female migrant workers​ in the sending countries
  • To ​enhance the capacity of local institutions ​and encourage European countries to adopt
    participatory governance systems (PuPs) that enable the participation of EU mobile citizens in
    decision-making processes.

Role of Asociatia URBAN2020:

Urban2020 is part of the Bright community, as potential replicator. The involvement in the BRIGHT project represents a new challenge, an opportunity to expand its action’s range to cover an increasingly topical social problem and try to find a connection with urban and territorial politics and strategies that can help better understand the phenomena and develop the right policy toolkit to face it.

Urban2020 expertise may prove useful for the elaboration of innovative strategies for the creation of local-based partnerships between citizens, private entities, and municipalities in order to promote community-based initiatives in the Romanian cities most affected by the phenomena and raise awareness on it.


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