Sustainable, smart, emphatic and meaningful – this is how we would like to see the cities of the future.

In our vision, cities are:

  • IMPACTFUL: committed to the quality of life of their citizens and able to use the right tools to implement visible changes for all our benefi

  • INTEGRATED: articulating components, solutions, stakeholders and resources with efficiency, both horizontally as well as vertically

  • INCLUSIVE: providing opportunities and services to all of its residents, and openly engaging in the co-creation of its future

  • INTERACTIVE: proactively collaborating with citizens, with other institutions, professional and private environments as well as the civil society, supporting the idea of a city by all and for all

  • INSPIRING: actively working to become unique places, favoring creativity and connection, and attracting ideas, talent, resources and investments.


We aim to support our vision for the cities of the future by developing and implementing initiatives, projects and services, to the following ends:

1. Ensuring the quality of life, sustainability and smart development of local communities at urban and regional level, in Romania and beyond, at European level;

2. Supporting participation of citizens and youth to decision-making,  city life and the redevelopment of urban spaces;

3. Actively reducing the gaps between rural and urban areas and strengthening urban-rural linkages;

4. Developing urban and rural communities through urban planning and architecture services and consultancy;

5. Supporting good governance and partnerships between the public sector, academic institutions and private sector research and companies;

6. Encouraging social innovation and integration, including for disadvantaged groups and migrants;

7. Reducing the divide between Romania and the Western Europe and stimulating the exchange of experiences.


Integrated Planning
Participation and co-production
Smart solutions
Architecture and Urban Design
Policy support
Youth involvement and training
Scenario development
Capacity building and inclusion


We are an idea lab organized as a non-profit organisation. Our board has ample national and international experience, and we are part of a European-level network of like-minded research and innovation organisations.




Town and regional planner, senior researcher and policymaker, founder of URBASOFIA and president of the URBAN 2020 Association.



Board Member

I am an urban and regional planning expert working on key topics of sustainable urban development: integrated planning, urban governance, sustainability and climate adaptation, smart cities.



Board Member

Urban and regional planner focused on developing methodologies, tools and policies for integrated spatial planning and governance, covering different topics such as cultural heritage, urban regeneration, etc.

Oana Emilia BUDĂU

Strategic urban planner holding a bachelor degree in Urban and Territorial Planning, actively involved in both implementation and design of European-funded cooperation projects on sustainable development, cultural heritage, urban governance.

Andrada-Ioana LUPULESCU

Urban Planner holding a bachelor degree in Urban and Territorial Planning, worked on several urbanism plans in Bucharest and has experience in Project Management, especially on innovation and educational themes.

Teodor LEOPA

Teodor LEOPA

Board Member

Urban Planner holding a bachelor degree in Urban and Territorial Planning, co-owner and managing-director of an architectural and urban design bureau, focused on multidisciplinary energy-efficient design.

Former Board Members: Prof. Mircea Enache, Ioana Ivanov, Reinhold Stadler, Alina Mureșan-Iuga


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